Canton of Inquisition

  • houses the inquisitors
  • used as the enforcers of the Steel Ministry

Canton of Orthodoxy

  • filled with the Obligators who rule the other Canton
  • responsible for establishing the Laws and Rules of the other groups
  • carries out the will of the lord Ruler
  • in close contact with the lord Ruler
  • the First Prelon is a member of this Canton

Canton of Finance

  • responsible for the monetary concerns of the Empire
  • managed the accounts and budgets of various military groups
  • Responsible for the building of the main infrastructure of the Final Empire, new roads, spike-ways, canals, etc…..

Canton of Resource

  • manage the food and supplies necessary to run the Final Empire
  • has a strong presence in many towns with valuable natural resources near by
  • the logistics arm of the Final Empire, managing supply chains and using the public works that the Canton of Finance builds


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